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  1.  Rich colors. The blades could be white, orange, yellow, blue, green, mixed, and any other color
  2.  Various voltages. 3 phase AC output, suitable for charging 12V,24V, 48V, 96V, 120V batteries.
  3.  One-piece Blade design ensures higher rotational stability, low noise.
  4.  Coreless generator means lower start torque, lower start wind speed, longer service life.
  5. RPM limit protection. The RPM is kept under 300 regardless of high wind speed which prevents the controller from over-load.
  6. Easy installation. Full set of fasteners and installation tools are attached in the package.
  7. Long service life. The turbine could work 10~15 years under normal natural environments.


Concept of Wind -Solar Hybrid System

Key Features of Wind -Solar Hybrid System