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Axxon is Techno Professional team of young and energetic engineers endeavoring in designing and manufacturing of Innovative Integrated Solar Street light, Solar home lighting systems, On Grid/Off Grid Solar Solutions as per customized requirement for Residential, Industrial and other Utilities like Petrol Pumps, Hospitals, Education Institutes and Banking Industries etc

Integrated Solar Street Light

  1. Delivers the best in class lumen efficacy and maximum light output with minimum wattage consumption.
  2. Smart and Compact design, Fully Renewable, Economical and Environmental friendly, IP65, Rust & Dust Proof, Using Lithium Battery ensures Zero maintenance and Long Life.
  3. Automatic Dusk to Down operation with Built in PIR Motion sensor which detects and automatically regulate the light output from full bright (100%) to the energy saving mode output (50%) after fixed hours (4/5) to increase battery life and autonomy.
  4. Easy and instant installation with Universal Mounting bracket suitable for mounting on a wide variety / size of new / existing pole/wall.
  5. Advantage of usingFRP : Customized colour theme option, Light weight, high mechanical and impact strength, long life, Electrical and thermal insulating, antimagnetic/antistatic, no spark, corrasion resistant.

Portable Solar Power Pack Suitcasw

All in one Portable Solar Power Pack Suitcase

150VA Portable Solar Power station with high efficiency mono crystalline PV Panel, hybrid inverter with pure Sinewave 230 V, 50 Hz, AC output with Lithium battery for power backup.

Area of App.: Off Grid location, Construction Site, Defence application, rescue operation, Rural application etc.

Integrated Solar Street Light

LED lights

What Sets Solar Smart Apart?

  • Innovative FRP Module design, Environment-friendly. Highly efficient photovoltaic-technology.
  • Minimal installation costs. IP 65 Compliant.
  • All weather proof, Corrosion/Chemical resistant . Electrical and Thermal Insulating, Low thermal expansion
  • No cabling, Minimal operating and maintenance works, Long-living illuminate..
  • By using lithium battery fixture become Light weighted, Maintenance free, No Memory loss Effect, low self Discharge

Advantages of Using FRP

1.Light Weight, High Mechanical and Impact Strength.

2.Economical, Long Life and Low Maintenance.

3.All weather proof, Corrosion/Chemical resistant.

4.Electrical and Thermal Insulating, Low thermal expansion.

5.Anti Magnetic/Anti Static, No Spark.

Advantages of Using Lithium

  • Environment friendly- No toxic heavy metals like Lead, Cadmium etc.
  • Good Safety Performance- Will not catch fire or Explode with Over Charge/Discharge.
  • Light weight, Maintenance free, No Memory loss Effect, low self Discharge
  • High Energy Density, Inbuilt BMS, Long Life span.
  • Wide Temperature range:-15 to +55 degree cent.
  • High Charge and Discharge Capability (0.1C-5C)

Area of Applications

  • “Integrated Solar Smart” is a stand-alone solar lighting system conceived for outdoor residential and municipal lighting.
  • “Integrated Solar Smart” is specially designed for Defense to fulfill their unique requirement of lighting in the Border area, fencing, BSF/ARMY tents & Bunk houses, Air-force Runways, Security Huts.
  • Off- grid locations and ecologically sensitive areas.
  • “Integrated Solar Smart” is designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas. This system is an ideal application for campus, Offices, colony, and village street lighting, Farm houses, Garden lighting etc.
  • Housing Society, Institutional Parks, Pathway, Garden Lights etc.
  • Highway Advertisement Signboards, Skywalks, Bus Stops, Railway Tracks & crossing.
  • Chemical/Oil & Gas Ind. Power Plants, Marine areas, Coastal areas.