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High Mast Lighting

Axxon High Mast Lighting solutions are used where large public areas like expressways, railway yards, dockyards, road junctions, toll plazas, warehouses need to be illuminated. An efficient lighting solution, it is the most preferred way of illumination because it can achieve a high space to height ratio. A high mast pole is an ideal solution for large industries where open spaces must be illuminated.

High mast lighting is currently the most efficient and cost-effective way of illuminating large outdoor areas such as highways, railway yards, dock yards, parking lots, shopping centers, power plants, coal mines, warehouses, toll plazas and road junctions.

High masts can be mounted at considerable heights, thus rendering uniform illumination to the entire area. It also enables easier installation and maintenance of luminaires due to motorized controls that lowers and raises the luminaires. The sleek high masts lighting is also aesthetically superior to the conventional lattice structures or lower height poles.

Features and Benefits of High Mast Lighting

Axxon High mast Lighting takes special consideration when it comes to the high mast lighting design. Since high mast is installed at a considerable height, our high mast poles are designed with motorized controls that effortlessly lowers and raises the luminaires for maintenance purposes. Axxon High mast Lighting offers comprehensive range of solutions in high masts. The range is available in standard heights,12/16/20/25/30 metres. All these options support various luminaire combinations depending on lighting design requirements.

High Mast Assembly

The assembly is housed in a chassis and is secured axially. The pulley is made of non-corrosive material and runs on self-lubricating bearings with stainless steel spindles. This complete assembly is hot dip galvanized.WinchesThe double drum winch driven by a single speed reversible power tool is a self-sustaining mechanism which does not get affected by weather or moisture. It is designed as a self-lubricating winch by using oil bath.Lantern CarriagesThe lantern carriage is made of durable steel tube and serves the dual purpose of carrying luminaires as well as acts as an electrical conduit. It is provided with rubber gaskets internally which allows easy movement and avoids scratches on the mast surface during movement.